Submission Guidelines

The world needs more magic and wonderment. 

If your own work inspires wonder or brings the magical to life in some way, then why not blog about it on The Wonder Board?

We have specific categories. Your submission is more likely to be published if it follows one of them:

  • writing with wonder (for example guest posts from authors talking about their recent book and how it would work as a TurlBook),
  • magical technology, illustrations or animation
  • the wonder of life, magical day
  • TurlBook itself (the company, our books, our eBook format),
  • start-up breakthroughs,
  • just because,
  • inspiring learning,
  • freebies.

We are particularly interested to hear from:

  • authors of any genre (except under 8 years old) and particularly authors of:
    • Adult fiction
    • Fantasy and Sci-Fi
      • Steampunk, gamebook
    • How-to manuals
    • Magic realism
  • bloggers (tech, media, invest, moms/dads)
  • magazine writers and people in media work,
  • book reviewers and eBook lovers,
  • illustrators, artists and animators,
  • tech start-ups,
  • people involved with education or entertainment for children 8+

You must include one paragraph where you refer to TurlBook® in a positive way. For example how your next book would work as a TurlBook, or how a TurlBook® might inspire learning for kids, or what your own favourite adult classic would be like as a TurlBook®.

If accepted, your content will be posted to this blog, and possibly shared on our other social media too.

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TurlBook® reserve the right to refuse to publish any submitted content without explanation.

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